Fire Damage Restoration

Fire & Smoke damage can be catastrophic to your home or business. Your property and contents may suffer damages from not only the fire but soot, smoke, and water damage as well. BlueLine Disaster Solutions, Inc.’s technicians are trained to secure, clean, and restore your home or office to its pre-existing state.

Fire and Smoke Damage Sources

Fire & Smoke Damage may come from various sources. BlueLineDisaster Solutions, Inc. is prepared to provide fire & smoke damage restoration services. BlueLine Disaster Solutions, Inc. provides Fire and Smoke Damage Restoration Services for the greater Central New York areas and helps you through all losses resulting from:

  • Electrical Fires
  • Grease Fires
  • Nicotine Buildup
  • Puff Backs
  • Wildfire

The extent of cleanup of the damaged areas and contents will vary based on the type and size of the fire, but the typical cleanup phases look like this:

Fire Damage Restoration Process

1. Initial Contact

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2. Inspection of the Damaged Areas

Our technicians will be dispatched to inspect the damaged areas and identify some key pieces of information in order to provide the most accurate damage assessment and develop an initial work scope.

  1. Safety – Safety is paramount; for the client and our technicians. We will inspect the damaged areas to see if any safety hazards exist, such as damage to residence security, electrical systems, HVAC systems, and structural and environmental hazards.
  2. Damage Assessment – using various methods of detection and technology to determine the extent of the fire, smoke, and soot damage. Identifying the full extent of damages is imperative to developing an accurate work scope.
  3. Documentation – documentation is critical to verify the damaged areas are properly dried and to ensure you have adequate substantiating documentation in the event you require proof during insurance claims, legal requirements or reality transactions. 
3. Fire & Smoke Damage Remediation
  1. If water damage is present, BlueLine Disaster Solutions, Inc. will conduct water removal procedures and begin the drying process.
  2. After the water removal process, residual water may remain within many porous building materials, inaccessible areas, and contents of the affected areas. The water retained in these materials could result in further damage, such as mold growth, jeopardizing structural integrity, or odors. The drying process will use various techniques to remove the excess moisture to an acceptable state. The drying process may include:
    1. Installation of Environmental Controls:
      1. containment
      2. air movers
      3. dehumidification units
      4. negative air units
      5. heat drying or specialty drying equipment
    2. Site Monitoring: technicians will continuously monitor environmental readings, moisture mapping, and equipment checks until the appropriate drying standards are achieved. Once the desired drying levels are achieved the non-essential equipment will be removed.
4. Cleanup

Fire Damage can leave extensive damages that go beyond cleaning. In conjunction with damages to the structure, other areas may be affected by smoke or soot damages including personal belongings, furniture, clothing, keepsakes, documents, and other personal belongings. The extent of cleanup of the damaged areas and contents will vary based on the degree of damages, but the typical fire restoration cleanup phases look like this:

  1. Cleaning & Sanitization – affected areas will have non-salvageable materials removed and disposed of. The areas will then be thoroughly cleaned and sanitized with appropriate grade EPA registered products such as germicidal cleaner, bactericide cleaner, or anti-microbial disinfectant. If the extent of damages is extensive alternate cleaning methods may be used such as:
    1. Dry Ice Blasting
    2. Baking Soda Blasting
    3. Mechanical Cleaning 
  2. Deodorization – fire damage may cause unpleasant or offensive odors. Our technicians will use appropriate techniques to permanently eliminate offensive odors which may include:
    1. Air Scrubbers with Carbon Filters
    2. Ozone or Hydroxyl Generators
    3. Thermal Fogging
    4. Deodorization Chemical Application
  3. Contents Restoration – BlueLineDisaster Solutions, Inc. specializes in contents restoration for contents damaged by water, smoke, soot, mold, lead, asbestos or hazardous contamination. Our state-of-the-art contents restoration department utilizes the latest techniques and equipment such as ultrasonic cleaning systems and Esporta washers to ensure your keepsakes are cleaned, deodorized, and sanitized.
5. Restoration

The restoration process brings your home or business back to its pre-disaster state. We know that you want to get back to normal as soon as possible and we simplify that process. BlueLine Disaster Solutions, Inc. provides a wide array of minor and major reconstruction services that will get you there with quality craftsmanship.