Biohazard Cleanup

In the event of a serious accident, injury or death, it can be traumatic and difficult to manage what is happening and the actions that need to be addressed in the aftermath. Counting on an experienced professional to guide you through the process is not only comforting but can become a necessity, especially when chemical spills, human or animal remains, blood or dangerous situations are involved. BlueLine Disaster Solutions understands what a sensitive situation this can be and is ready to handle your biohazard cleanup in the most quick and professional manner.

Crime & Trauma Scene/ Accident Cleanup

Crime scenes offer unique circumstances. First, there is the safety factor. The Blood or Other Potentially Infectious Materials (BOPIM) Standard is OSHA’s protocol to protect workers against dangerous pathogens including Hepatitis, MRSA and HIV. Requirements include using the proper safety techniques and equipment (PPE), proper handling and precise record keeping. These standards are put in place for the safety of those that are handling the cleanup and also for the property owners once cleanup has been completed. The state is not responsible for cleanup of the scene, leaving the burden in the hands of the property owner. Once the area has been cleared by police investigators, our professional team can handle the cleanup.

Hoarding Cleanouts

Hoarding is a complex disorder that causes people who experience it to excessively save unnecessary or worthless items and become unable to part with them. Hoarding cleanouts require careful planning and execution to avoid possible infection because of the variations of contamination. All debris will be properly disposed of, salvageable possessions will be sorted and general cleaning and disinfecting will take place. We can also help to coordinate with recovering lost or valuable items and distributing donations.

Methlab Cleanup

The environment of a methamphetamine lab is incredibly dangerous and can contaminate all parts of a structure completely because of the effects of the harsh chemicals and process involved. The toxic residue created from operations can permeate into upholstery, furniture and HVAC systems causing nausea, neurological issues, even cancer. It is necessary to rely on a professional to restore safety and comfort back to your property, which requires state and federal protocols and health safety standards to ensure any residue is eliminated and the affected area is cleaned and sanitized.

Guano Cleanup

Attics can prove to be ideal living spaces for bats, which lead to bat droppings or parasites and possible damage to your stored belongings as well as the building’s structure. BlueLine Disaster Solutions offers bat guano cleanup services to restore the area back to its original condition through a detailed decontamination process. Once all fecal matter, debris, and damaged
materials are removed, insulation and damage will be replaced or repaired, and the area will be
thoroughly cleaned and sanitized.


We will safely survey the area to assess and determine an actionable plan.


After the assessment, we will control the cleanup area by separating it from unaffected areas, which sets up the cleanup process.


All visible biological or chemical matter is removed from the scene and contained to be safely disposed of.


The affected area will be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected and verified for hospital-grade standards of disinfection once completed.

When faced with a traumatic event, there are delicate emotions and decisions to process and BlueLine is prepared to offer the extra empathy and compassion that is needed to help you through. While adhering to the best standards and practices of safety, we will return your property to liveable condition again with the respect and compassion deserved.

Trust in Blueline Disaster Solutions to restore integrity to your property.