Content Restoration

When a fire, water, or storm disaster strikes, it can be incredibly overwhelming. There are so many details to consider and coordinate and just as many other details that you may not even be aware of to address. Having a trusted and knowledgeable professional team to navigate you through this time can be a reassuring necessity.

At times, it may seem that some items are unable to be restored but our professionals at BlueLine Disaster Solutions have vast experience in all types and facets of content restoration and are trained to recover your important belongings, returning them to original condition. While most of the major focus will likely be centered around restoration to the damaged property, attention to the contents inside the property are just as cared for with BlueLine.

BlueLine Disaster Solutions Content Restoration Process:

1. Sort

Unfortunately, some items may be too far damaged to be saved. All items will be inspected and sorted for salvageability and items that cannot be salvaged will be safely discarded.

2. Inventory

A thorough and complete inventory will be conducted on all furniture, valuables, electronics, equipment, documents, appliances, and textiles.

3. Pack-out

All inventoried items will be carefully packed, protected, and secured to be stored safely in our climate-controlled facility.

4. Restore

Our specialists will clean, restore, sanitize, or deodorize your contents back to original or better condition. This includes all assets such as furniture, soft furnishings, electronics, machinery, and documents.

Why You Should Restore vs Replace?

Replacing items may seem easier and more effective than restoring them, but this can be a costly and timely process. Depending on the level of damage, it may be advisable to replace certain items, but most can be salvaged through careful technique and our modern equipment. It is not uncommon or difficult to exhaust all provisions of a contents insurance policy which is why it is vital to restore as much as possible.

Our content restoration services are designed and implemented to fit your unique residential or commercial needs. Whether your belongings need to be treated for mold, soot or other damage our technicians know the intricacies of the processes and will be handled with the utmost care and consideration.  Communication and support are integral to our process and we’re always available to answer your questions. Our trained professionals provide the technical knowledge and expertise to give you peace of mind.

At BlueLine Disaster Solutions, we understand the amount of stress you’re under when having to mitigate fire, water or storm damage, no matter the severity. We also understand that recovering your possessions is just as important as the structural restoration itself. Being able to respond quickly and efficiently is what we strive for and we are always ready to help you.