Water Damage


Water Damage

Water Damage can create havoc on your home or business. When your property has water damage it only gets worse with time. 

We handle water damages of all sizes and will ensure your property is mitigated from further damages and is restored back to its pre-damaged state.


Our technicians are trained in the latest water restoration techniques taught by the IICRC and utilize the latest equipment to increase drying restoration process. 


Water Damage Restoration Process

Addressing water damage in a timely fashion is critical to ensure proper remediation is conducted. 

Expedient action also mitigates further damages from occurring as a result of further saturation, mold or mildew. It is imperative you contact professional technicians to ensure your damaged area has proper extraction, dry out, cleaning and restorations.

Each Water Restoration project is unique and poses its own specifications. The baseline for the Water Restoration process looks similar to this:

  1. Contact BlueLine Disaster Solutions, Inc. 
  2. Inspect & Assess Damages
  3. Extract Remaining Water
  4. Initiate Drying & Dehumidification Units
  5. Clean, Disinfect, Deodorize & Apply Anti-Microbial Solutions
  6. Complete Restoration Services

BlueLine Disaster Solutions, Inc. provides Water Damage Restoration in Utica, Water Damage Restoration in Rome and Water Damage Restoration in Syracuse, NY. 


Water Damage Scenerios

Water Damage can be caused by a multitude of events. Some of the most common reasons are caused by:

  • Flooding or Run Off Water
  • Leaking or Broken Plumbing Fixture
  • Failed Sump Pump
  • Overflowing bathtubs, sinks, faucets, toilets
  • Sewer/Septic Backups
  • Natural Disasters

Providing Water Damage Restoration in Utica, Rome & Syracuse NY.