Fire Damage


Fire & Smoke Damage

Fire & Smoke Damage are devastating to a structure and its contents. 

Time is of the essence to prevent further damages. As time passes environmental variables will mitigate or accelerate damages. 

Fires have ways of damaging areas beyond just the flames and heat. As smoke & soot settle they continually damage porous materials such as furniture, hard wood, clothing and artwork. 

Once the fire is contained the aftermath remains for your attention. You need to focus on putting your home or business back together after this catastrophe; leave the cleaning & restoration up to us. Our specialized technicians will ensure your damaged areas are properly mitigated, cleaned, de-odorized and restored to the pre-damaged state. We provide Fire Damage Restoration services in Utica, Rome and Syracuse NY.


Fire Damage Restoration Process

BlueLine Disaster Solutions, Inc.'s technicians are trained and prepared to mitigate, clean and restore your home or business to its pre-damaged state in a efficient time frame. Typical fire damage restoration process includes the following:

  1. Contact BlueLine Disaster Solutions, Inc. 
  2. Inspect & Assess Damages
  3. Conduct Mitigation Services to Prevent Further Damage (i.e. Board Up, Roof Tarping, ect.)
  4. Water Mitigation (if applicable)
  5. Clean Smoke & Soot from Affected Areas
  6. Commence Cleaning & Deodorization
  7. Complete Restoration Services

BlueLine Disaster Solutions, Inc. providing Water and Fire Damage Restoration in Utica and Water and Fire Damage Restoration in Rome, NY.


Fire & Smoke Damage Scenerios

  • Structure Fire
  • Puff Backs
  • Adjacent Fire
  • Soot Damage
  • Smoke Odor Contamination

Fire Damage