Disinfection Services

There has never been more of an understanding for the cleanliness of an indoor environment than in recent times. Though the awareness may be more prominent, the need has always been the same. Whether residential or commercial, it is not only sanitary but responsible to ensure your interior is clean and disinfected. With all the activity and human interactions that occur in a typical day, the possibility for germs, bacteria and viruses to develop and spread becomes much higher. BlueLine Disaster Solutions is able to completely decontaminate and sanitize your home or commercial business facility and its contents in a noninvasive and most effective manner, allowing you to keep your focus on the important things.

Why Choose BlueLine Disaster Solutions’ Professional Services?

Traditional cleaning methods, while certainly helpful, only really affect about 30% of an indoor space. To effectively and completely treat an entire interior with common household cleaners would take an incredible amount of time, attention and consistency. There are so many surfaces and crevices for bacteria to live and thrive on including door handles, tables, sinks, light switches, remotes, machinery and equipment. Our professionals are specifically trained in the proper techniques to ensure no surface or area is left untreated. BlueLine’s disinfecting fogging services and deep cleaning services offer a comprehensive solution to any and all of your cleaning and disinfecting needs.

If you’re a commercial business, we understand that some industries require a certain level of sanitation for different reasons. While food service establishments may need sanitized surfaces to prevent cross contamination, hospitals and medical facilities may require sanitary environments for those with sensitive health. There is also no sized equipment or machinery that BlueLine cannot service or benefit from. Commercial decontamination and sanitization services can reinforce cleanliness and sanitary conditions for veterinary clinics, medical offices/ facilities, athletic/ gym facilities, laboratories and schools/ daycare and offer peace of mind to patrons and employees while meeting standard requirements and standards.

Our specialized formula and process helps to avoid the spread of contagious diseases, viruses and bacteria to promote a healthy and sterile condition. All cleaning & disinfecting services adhere to all OSHA regulations and follow the most state of the procedures. In addition, all cleaning & disinfecting services are conducted with approved CDC and EPA registered disinfectants. Our non-evasive services are fast acting and cleans, disinfects and deodorizes at the same time, with no area being too large or too small.

Other benefits include:

– Effective on porous and nonporous surfaces
– Safe for people, animals, plants
– Fragrance free

When it comes to the safety of your family, employees or patrons, BlueLine recognizes how important it is to make sure everyone can feel safe in a clean environment. Millions of germs and harmful microorganisms live invisibly in our homes and business facilities and have the potential to make you sick. Our cleaning and disinfecting services are highly effective on all areas, items and materials, including soft fabrics and completely eliminate harmful allergens and pathogens that can lead to contagious diseases, viruses and other illnesses.

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