Water Damage Restoration In Utica New York


Experiencing water damage at your property can be incredibly stressful and confusing. If a pipe bursts suddenly, an appliance breaks down or flood waters begin to enter your home or business, it can be debilitating and difficult to sort out the next and correct steps, especially if you’ve never gone through the process. Water is also a very fast moving and fluid entity, able to cause damage to virtually every kind of material and reach an endless expanse of space within minutes. There are also hazards when dealing with water damage. Depending on the state of the water and whether it’s contaminated or how high standing water has been able to reach, there are possible risks of electrocution or disease.

Because of the varying dangers of what can come with water damage, it is always suggested to use the professionals to perform any water damage restoration. Regardless of how severe the damage, there are many intricacies involved with the process and an inexperienced company may miss some important details. Mold is often a part of water damage restoration and has its own set of processes and procedures. Reconstruction may also be necessary in order to restore the property back to its original conditions. Professional water damage restoration companies are able to offer their experience, equipment and manpower to provide complete water damage restoration solutions. Not only can it be worthwhile to trust in knowing that your property will be able to be restored or bettered in capable hands but you are also able to focus your attention to other matters that will surely also be involved in the process and require your attention.

Common Causes Of Water Damage At Home

There are few things worse than dealing with water damage at home. There is not only the immediate damage to your property and belongings but also the uncertainty of how things will actually end up and how long you may be displaced if required to leave your home. Water damage is also complex and involves many intricacies and parts to a complete restoration. It can be overwhelming to try to manage things all successfully and still maintain some normalcy for you and your family. Understanding the common causes of water damage at home can help to reduce your chances of it happening and provide insight on what to look for.


Since water flows in and out of your pipes, it is best to make sure that there are no issues with your plumbing. Damage and stoppages tend to be more prevalent in older homes. Though it may seem difficult to keep track of what’s going on inside the pipes, it certainly helps to be monitoring for signs of moisture such as cracks, bulges or stains around ceilings and walls. Keeping tabs on the water bill can also be a helpful habit as this may indicate excess water quietly escaping. It is also important to insulate and have the pipes professionally checked before winter if you’re in a colder climate.

Burst Pipes, Sewer Lines & Leaks

Burst pipes are mostly caused by blocked pipes that cannot hold increased pressure any longer. Also, the roots of plants in the yard may squeeze the water pipes and cause them to burst. Loose joints can also cause pipe leakages. Sewer lines are also liable to burst. This is mostly caused by heavy rainfall that collects debris and blocks the sewer lines. This can be dangerous because it not only floods the environment, but it also contaminates, especially if the sewage is not treated. This should be handled by a professional to prevent yourself from contracting diseases.

Natural Disaster

Mother Nature is powerful and unavoidable. As much as a homeowner can prepare for a storm and take all the proper precautions, natural disasters can still cause major chaos and water damage. Natural disasters can bring large amounts of water into the home and floodwaters unable to be absorbed by the land can enter your property. Those living in flood-prone areas should consider buying a comprehensive flood cover and installing flood detectors around their property. Also, invest in good roofing to prevent strong winds from carrying away your roof when raining.

Faulty Household Appliances

Common household appliances do not last forever and drains, gaskets and pumps can be common occurrences after time. Dishwashers, washing machines and refrigerators can produce large amounts of water and drains are known to get clogged. They should be closely monitored at least once per month to detect any weakness in the hose pipes. Replacing the lines in washing machines with braided stainless steel can also help and refrigerators should be well insulated to prevent flooding.

Blocked Drains

When water is not able to be diverted to where it needs to go, water damage can be a troublesome result. Grease, hair and dirt are common culprits for clogs and can cause immense structural damage. Clogged toilets are able to back up the sink and warp floors and walls when left unaddressed.

Regardless of whether your water damage restoration is moderate or severe, it is always the best choice to rely on the professionals to handle your restoration. Not only do they possess the experience, manpower and specialized equipment, but it can also be a welcome comfort and reassurance that things are being taken care of in the right way. There will be many things to consider and handle that are related to the process including insurance and other personal activities that are best handled by the homeowner and by choosing the professionals, more time can be devoted to more important things.

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