Mold Removal In Utica New York


Molds are part of the natural environment and are simple, microscopic organisms whose purpose is to break down dead materials. Molds can be found on plants, dry leaves and about every other organic material. Mold spores are lightweight and are spread by air currents. If spores land on a suitable surface, they will begin to grow. In order to thrive, mold requires four things to grow. They are: Water, Organic materials, Oxygen, and an Optimum temperature (between 40 and 90 degree F). Excessive Mold growth is caused by excessive moisture. If you experience excessive mold growth it is imperative to find and correct the moisture source to prevent further growth.

Mold Inspections & Assessments

It can be common to be unaware that mold is thriving in your home or business until it begins to be seen or smelled, which is why mold inspection and mold testing is incredibly important. Usually by this point, mold has developed quietly for a period of time and will have begun to deteriorate the area where it is growing, requiring some capacity of mold remediation. Not all molds are toxic, but those that are can have harsh health effects, especially in those with existing respiratory conditions. Mold inspection and testing involves taking air and surface samples to determine the levels of mold in an interior. Most importantly, since mold requires a water source to prosper, it is imperative to locate the source and repair it. Mold testing for homes is especially common as there are many sources in which mold has the capacity to grow.

In accordance with New York State Mold Law, Article 32, Mold Assessors & Assessments should be comprised of the following:

  • Possession of a valid Mold Assessors License from the New York State Department of Labor
  • Perform the initial visual inspection and assessment of the property for mold growth
  • Identify the underlying source of moisture causing the growth
  • Educate the property owner on the Mold Law and mold in general
  • Develop a Mold Remediation Plan to include:
    • the source of the moisture causing mold growth
    • how to remedy the moisture issue
    • mold remediation methods to be used for cleanup
    • criteria that must be met to consider the cleanup complete
    • estimated project cost
  • Perform a post remediation assessment to confirm the remediation was successful. Develop a written passed clearance report  or final status report

Mold Remediation

Mold is an inescapable, natural part of our environment, but can still be alarming to find in your home or business. In addition to having an unpleasant look and smell, certain types can have toxic effects on your family and employees’ health. Depending on the severity, mold remediation or mold removal may be necessary to restore your interior. Mold removal services include containing the affected area to prevent further spread, safe removal, cleaning and sanitizing to ensure healthy conditions and reconstruction if the damage is severe enough. As licensed New York State Mold Assessors, we offer complete mold remediation services to return your home or business back to a healthy condition.

Mold Remediation Services require environmental controls to create a sealed & controlled work area around the mold growth. This allows our technicians to manage the relative humidity, air exchanges and prevents cross contamination during the removal phase. BlueLine Disaster Solutions, Inc. utilizes EPA approved Anti-Microbial Disinfectants combined with the latest in technology, equipment and techniques to ensure the mold growth is properly removed.

Mold FAQ’s

Q: How do I eliminate all the mold & mold spores in my house?

A: There is no practical way to eliminate all mold & mold spores in an indoor environment.

Q: Mold only has health effects on people who has asthma?

A: No, symptoms vary by person. However, asthma like symptoms may be seen regardless of a person’s asthmatic history.

Q: Who should perform the mold services?

A: The initial identification and construction of the remediation plan should be by a NYS Licensed Mold Assessor. The remediation services should be conducted by a NYS Licensed Mold Remediation company.

Q: I have a moldy odor in my house, I can’t see it so it is not a problem yet?

A: Molds & Mildews have a very distinct odor. Detection from smell is a very likely

BlueLine Disaster Solutions In Utica New York

Proudly serving all of central and upstate New York, BlueLine Disaster Solutions is a full service restoration contractor that offers expert mold remediation, water mitigation, smoke /fire damage restoration, contents restoration and more. We provide our full spectrum of restoration services for your home or business using the latest training, equipment and procedures to get you back to a pre-disaster state. We will work with you or your insurance company so you can focus on what matters most. Our professional technicians have the experience and resources to help mitigate any type of property damage or loss, including but not limited to mold, fire/smoke, asbestos, contents or storm damage.